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Video Production

In partnership with Rule 76 Productions, Catie Staszak Media strengthened its storytelling power in 2022 by adding video production to its arsenal of client offerings. From reels and commercials to full-scale documentaries, CSM is equipped to share any story.

The Heritage Farm Development Program

“This program was developed to have horses to be in the pipeline to win championships, that was my goal. But what it has done for the careers of the opportunities of these talented young people has been probably the most rewarding part of my career.”


Take a look inside the prestigious Heritage Farm Development Program with Andre Dignelli.

The Heritage Farm Pony Program

“The way we are able to integrate the pony program into that bigger, more intricate horse're amazed by it."


Success starts here. Take a look inside the Heritage Farm Pony Program, which has produced champions for the last three decades.

Celtic Fire's Comeback

ESP Farm's Rachel Kennedy and Molly Allen share the inspiring comeback of Celtic Fire.

Dual Enrolled

Dual Enrolled is a short documentary on the demands and commitment that is required of equestrian student-athletes. Presented by The Plaid Horse, Catie Staszak Media, Inc. and Victoria Sheehan, the film was honored by the EQUUS Film & Arts Festival, the 15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival and the One-Reeler Short Film Competition in 2022. 

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