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Safety is Paramount at M&R Equestrian Services' Training Days

Over the course of the last year, equestrians have begun reevaluating safety in the saddle.

USEF launched the Helmet Safety Fund, while MIPS (Multidirectional Impact Protection System) became a more prevalent technology in helmets. Air vests were more prominent in the show ring, even having a presence at the nation's most prestigious and traditional equitation finals.

My Term Life Guy took notice. A new sponsor to M&R Equestrian Services' Training Days, My Term Life Guy aims to serve riders with its unique life insurance policies. The company offers "Quality of Life...Insurance," in which living benefits are included in the policy, meaning policy holders have access to cash while living to handle "life's unexpected expenses" through its accelerated benefits riders. These policies can provide peace of mind and protection for riders and their families in the event of unforeseen accident or illness.

"As we delved deeper into the realm of equestrian sports, we realized what an asset our Quality of Life...Insurance policies could be for riders," said Whitney Storick, Owner and President of My Term Life Guy. "The Training Days series is a fantastic concept for riders to focus on the details. Riders do everything they can to protect and better their horses, and we hope we can educate them and help them better protect themselves as well."

Founded by Olympians Alberto Michan (ISR) and Juan Andrés Rodriguez (GUA), Training Days are Wellington, FL's most unique training opportunity, offering riders of all levels an unprecedented opportunity to school over a full course of show quality jumps, set by FEI course designers. Each Tuesday, exhibitors can complete a course of show jumps at varying heights, experiencing a stress-free and affordable show-like atmosphere.

With the winter season on horizon, Training Days continue to host some of the sport's top international riders. Events will continue the week of the Christmas holiday on Tuesday, Dec. 22.

Training Days continue through April 2021. Additional information, including weekly course maps, can be found here.

Training Days Week VI Gallery

About M&R Equestrian Services' Training Days

Founded by Olympic veterans Alberto Michan (ISR) and Juan Andrés Rodriguez (GUA), M&R Equestrian Services' Training Days is Wellington, FL's most unique training opportunity. Held weekly from November through April, the Training Days program offers riders of all levels an unprecedented opportunity to school over a full course of show quality jumps, set by FEI course designers. Join the M&R team every Tuesday, as well as Monday nights during the winter circuit, for a fun and affordable show-like experience at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center.

Sponsorship Packages A variety of individualized sponsorship opportunities are available for the 2020-2021 Training Days season. For more information, contact Liz Porath at

Follow M & R Equestrian For more information about M & R Equestrian's Training Days, including updated weekly schedules and timing, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

About My Term Life Guy

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