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Patrick McNamara Shines for a Cause in Kevin Babington Benefit Classic

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Dalman Jump Co.'s "Jump for Kevin" Wall a Meaningful Contribution to the Kevin Babington Family Trust.

Patrick McNamara (IRL) and Billy Onslow soar over the Dalman Jump Co.-designed "Jump for Kevin" wall en route to winning the $5,000 Kevin Babington Benefit Classic at the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament. Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography.

For Immediate Release — September 8, 2020 — For one memorable evening at the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament in Traverse City, MI (USA), a tremendous group of supporters rallied to honor international show jumper Kevin Babington (IRL) with the Kevin Babington Benefit Classic. The charitable competition, in which the entirety of the $5,000 purse was donated to the Kevin Babington Family Trust, resulted in a meaningful win for fellow Irishman Patrick McNamara and Billy Onslow.

Babington, an Olympic veteran and team gold medalist from the 2001 European Championships, suffered a life-altering injury at the 2019 Hampton Classic. More than $1 million has been raised in the year since to support Babington and his family with the high costs associated with his ongoing rehabilitation. Jeff Papows, Founder of the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament, has been a key contributor, setting up the "I Ride for Kevin" program, in which exhibitors can donate a percentage of their prize money to the cause at various competitions around the country.

"Because Kevin is so beloved [in the industry], every time I’ve raised my hand to do anything in his name, people sort of rush to help," Papows said. "We wanted to do this, not just for the continued sort-of financial reasons, but [also because] Kevin is still very invested in the sport, as is the whole family. That was the point of the class. Kevin taped an introduction for the class, and I think it’s a little bit of a morale boost for Kevin while he’s working so hard with his recovery."

Dalman Jump Co. designed the "Jump for Kevin" wall with a mural of a castle near Kevin Babington's hometown. Photo by Kathy Russell Photography.

Papows partnered with Javan Dalman's Dalman Jump Co. to create a special jump to commemorate the class. The result was a stunning jumper wall depicting a vibrant mural of a castle near Babington's hometown in Ireland, Rock of Cashel. A large group of generous supporters commissioned the fence, including the Tisbo Family and Tequestrian Farms, Andrea Sinner, Marcia Radosevich, Victoria McCullough, Carol Coleman, Michael Whitlow, Trisha Hurder, Friends of Paul O'Shea, and Friends of the Silver Oak Jumper Tournament. The wall was the final jump of both rounds of the 1.25m jump-off competition.

"Rather than try to do something [on my own], I called the best in business," Papows said. "We wanted something very unique, different, and Irish. We didn't want another shamrock and Irish flag jump—there have been a lot of them done in Kevin’s name. Javan was talking to some Irish lads at a horse show, and someone spoke up about a castle not too far from Kevin’s [childhood] home. The jump is memorable and stands out. We'll get a lot of use out of it!" "I love to create jumps for people to enjoy, especially one that means something to Kevin and his family," Dalman said. "[The wall] proved to be a legitimate factor in the horse show this week as well! It was so fun to be a part of."

Dianna (left) and Gwyneth (right) Babington pose with the Jump for Kevin wall. 

The Kevin Babington Benefit Classic featured 22 horse and rider combinations, all of which sported a green lapel pin to commemorate Babington. The field included international stalwarts Shane Sweetnam (IRL), David Blake (IRL), Alison Robitaille (USA) and Vasco Flores (PUR), along with Babington's daughter Gwyneth and wife Dianna.

"It was important for us to show everyone that we’re here, and we appreciate [all the support]," Dianna said.

Ultimately, McNamara and Phoebe Backman's Billy Onslow came away with a most memorable win. Jumping halfway through the class, McNamara and the 14-year-old chestnut gelding took nearly two seconds off the leading time and held on through the remainder of the competition.

"It was great to be involved in such a great cause for Kevin," McNamara said. "I'm so happy that this class was in aid of him. Thankfully enough, it worked out [for me]—the plan and everything—[and] it was an Irish win!"

Patrick McNamara (IRL) and Billy Onslow stand in for their win photo alongside Dianna Babington. Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography.

Gwyneth Babington clears the Jump for Kevin wall. Photo by Andrew Ryback Photography.


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