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Heritage Farm: Beyond the Ingate with Addison Reed

In this behind-the-scenes series from Heritage Farm, we’re introducing you to the program’s horses and riders in a whole new way. Get to know our group beyond what you’ve seen ringside, accolades and all:

Addison Reed and Heritage Farm's Janus Union. Photo by Andrew Ryback.

Addison Reed

  • Age: 17

  • Hometown: Richmond, VA

  • Horses: Janus Union, Doirin Clover Boy

  • 2022 Highlights: 11th, 2022 USEF Hunter Seat Medal Final; 2022 North American Junior Championships - Zone 3

Addison Reed had only ridden Heritage Farm's Janus Union in one competition prior to the 2022 USEF Hunter Seat Medal Final in Harrisburg, PA.

Over a course that quickly garnered a reputation for its technicality, you might have been fooled. Reed and "Janus" looked like they'd been paired for much longer, executing a beautifully smooth round that earned them a place in the top 25 callback. There, they moved up another eight places to finish 11th.

"I was very happy with my round. I thought it was smooth, and everything came up the way I wanted," Reed said. "I went very late in the class, and I had a lot of time to go over my plan and watch lots of riders go. For me, the biggest thing was just trying to stay focused on riding the plan and track that I’d made with Andre and everybody from Heritage. "Making the second round took a lot of pressure off," she added. "I had an opportunity to take a breath and show off. I was really pleased." Reed, Richmond, VA, has deep roots in the sport. Both of her parents are professionals, and her great-grandfather Denis Whitaker served as chef d’equipe for the Canadian Show Jumping team for more than two decades. Reed was preparing for the ASPCA Maclay Region 3 Championship in Lexington, VA when she became connected to the Heritage Farm program through a friend and fellow Virginian, Heritage rider Agnes Hahn. "We had a 6-year-old [horse] that we were getting ready for finals [for Addison] when Andre presented us with the opportunity to bring Janus for her to ride," said Reed's mother, Sulu Rose-Reed. "I don’t feel like she would have had as good of a result on a young horse. Janus has been there, done that. It was a really good opportunity, and I was really proud of [Addison]."

Addison Reed and Janus Union finished 11th at the 2022 USEF Hunter Seat Medal Final. Photo by Andrew Ellis.

"My partnership with Janus was the easiest thing," Reed said. "He's a wonderful horse. It was just a matter of me figuring out how to ride him the way he’s used to going. He’s so spot on. He’s lovely and when he comes out of the barn, he's the same horse every day. I can count on him no matter what."

Gaining a new perspective and hearing concepts presented in a new way has been valuable for Reed as she has focused on perfecting details at the indoor championships. So, too, has been watching and learning from her peers at Heritage.

"Heritage is incredibly well organized—from everyone in the barn, to the horses and the tack. It makes it so much easier to get to the ring," Reed said. "It's all about the details, and it's a team environment. I've really enjoyed getting to know the other riders and learning from them." "I’ve been watching Andre at the finals for years, and Addison has been going to the finals since she was 13," Rose-Reed said. "I love that he’s always so calm and kind to the kids. He never says a mean word, and it's so nice to see." Reed will next head to the National Horse Show with Heritage for the ASPCA Maclay National Championship. After her finish in Harrisburg, she'll be equipped with some extra confidence. "[Placing at Harrisburg] was meaningful. I felt like I really deserved to be there," Reed said. "It's always sweet to win or do well, but it's sweeter when I feel that I really earned my spot. I felt like I rode well, and Janus went really great. I felt proud to be there, and it was a nice first Final to have for the year."

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