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Goodwin Builds Winning “Reputation” in Amy Brattebo Real Estate Canadian Hunter Derby

Dustin Goodwin (CAN) and Reputation. Photo ©tbird/Wildrose Photography

Langley, BC — When Dustin Goodwin (CAN) was first introduced to the Holsteiner mare Reputation, he had to trust his instincts.

Reputation was a 1.45m Grand Prix horse turned exciting hunter prospect in Germany, and there was a line of interest. He had to put down a deposit—after only watching a video from his friend and agent, Marisa Metzger—just to travel abroad to try the mare. And when he got there, Reputation didn’t quite meet his expectations.

“She actually was way more difficult than I was hoping,” Goodwin recalled. “She has so much heart, I think [her previous owners] got a lot out of her, but to [jump 1.45m], they had to jazz her up quite a bit. I stepped around a little course a few times, and I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t know.'”

But Goodwin’s instincts told him not to pass up the opportunity to bring the mare home. Reputation’s purchase came together quickly, and she was imported in December of 2023. At the Canadian Premier, the pair topped the Amy Brattebo Real Estate Canadian Hunter Derby Open in the mare’s first 3’6″ derby.

Their winning score was 112. Molly Graham and Cheers! finished second with a score of 106, followed by Light My Fire and Ashley Arnoldt and Light My Fire, who received a score of 105 from the judges.

“She’s so brave; she’ll jump anything,” Goodwin shared, “but when she’s really impressed [by the jumps], she’s over the standards. So, even when it’s a bit rogue and a bit out of control, the quality is so ‘Oh my god,’ [the judges] just reward her with good scores.”

The Canadian Hunter Derby is a one-round competition judged as a handy hunter class. Additional bonus points are awarded for jumping up to five high options on courses as well as for additional handiness and high performance displayed on course. The competition also serves as a qualifier for the Canadian Hunter Derby National Championship, held at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in November.

“This was her first bigger derby, and next week will be her first USHJA International Hunter Derby [at tbird’s Odlum Brown BC Open],” Goodwin said. “She won her last two USHJA National Hunter Derbies, and I think [derbies] will end up being her job.”

As the sensitive-yet-sweet mare has Americanized, Goodwin is glad he listened to his gut.

“She was a workhorse, and now she’s really into being spoiled. She’s a delight,” Goodwin said. “I honestly feel like she’s a horse of a lifetime. I’m so excited for what’s to come. I feel so lucky.”

Amy Brattebo Real Estate Canadian Hunter Derby 3’6″ Open

Horse / Rider / Nationality / Owner / Score

1. Reputation / Dustin Goodwin / CAN / Kalli Heffner Gay / 112

2. Cheers! / Molly Graham / CAN / Olivia Aul / 106

3. Light My Fire / Ashley Arnoldt / CAN / Jennifer Arnoldt / 105

4. Black Pearl / Katrina Klimach / CAN / Katrina Klimach / 104

5. Corona OS / Charlotte Reeve / CAN / Charlotte Reeve / 100.5

6. Quincy / Mariah Barisoff / CAN / Mariah Barisoff / 99

7. Folklore / Olivia Aul / USA / Olivia Aul / 97.5

8. Diarado Dream / Emma Edwardson / CAN / Imagine Equestrian / 97

9. Fleetwood / Rodney Tulloch / CAN / Christine Maclean / 96

10. Heartvit ZH / Tracey App / CAN / Tracey Epp / 94.5


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