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FH Custom Lab: Make It Yours

International dressage rider Genay Vaughn (USA)

In the dressage ring, style is paramount. So when it came time to select a show coat, international U.S. dressage rider Genay Vaughn wanted something that would complement her tastes without distracting from her performance in the competition arena.

"I like to play with fashion but still keep it elegant and classy," Vaughn said. "I have fun experimenting with things that are a bit different, but I don't like to go overboard to where all anyone can focus on is what I'm wearing."

Vaughn came to For Horses with her vision, and together with the brand's U.S. Sales Manager Anita Sguigna, they combed through the seemingly endless options for body color, collar, piping, points and more. The result: a stunning grey show jacket with white piping, navy collar and a hint of sparkle.

"I think a very tailored and polished look can give a horse-and-rider combination a big presence," Vaughn said. "When I look good, I feel really confident, and I feel that helps me in my performance."

Riders can customize a coat with guidance from Sguigna or a For Horses retailer, or they can take matters into their own hands—with confidence. For Horses launched its online Custom Lab in 2021; the online configurator allows users to visualize their design choices in real time at

For Horses Custom Lab: the JENNI tailocat

"A show jacket is not something you buy everyday. It's something that you should be able to make your own. That's the idea of personalization," Sguigna said. "You can use the configurator, and the jackets are made in four weeks time. Every Custom Lab jacket is made to order in Italy. We send absolutely nothing off for additions or tailoring after production."

Regardless of style choice, the garments continue to be made with FH's popular technical performance fabrics. Among the brand's revolutionary features are its total UV protection, temperature control and Iperbiflex technology, which offers exceptional freedom of movement and comfort with its high quality bi-elasticity.

"My complete range of motion allows me to move and perform in every way necessary in the ring, with no restriction at all. I don’t even realize I’m wearing it!" exclaimed international U.S. show jumper Maria Costa of her custom CRISTINA jacket. "It is extremely comfortable and stylish, at the same time."

Maria Costa in her custom CRISTINA Custom Show Jacket. Photo by SportFot.

There are dozens of options to choose from. The FH Custom Lab will also try to match Pantone colors so that riders can maintain consistency with their brands.

"We're even seeing more personalization in the hunter rings," Sguigna said. "You can implement some tasteful details while maintaining that classic hunter look."

That's just what Ella and Luca Endzweig have done with their custom LuLa tailcoats. The garment is named after the twin sisters, who sparked the idea for youth apparel in 2020. After debuting their first designs at the 2021 Winter Equestrian Festival, the Endzweigs sported new tailcoats at the 2022 Devon Horse Show in the pony hunter divisions.

"We love how the tailcoats and short jackets fit," the twins confirmed. "We have a lot of fun adding our favorite colors to the piping and points."

Twins Ella (left) and Luca (right) sported their custom FH LuLa Tailcoats at the 2022 Devon Horse Show. Photos by KIND Media.

Currently, four styles are available for personalization in For Horses' Custom Lab: the CRISTINA Custom Show Jacket; the JENNI tailcoat for hunter derbies and the dressage arena; and for youth, the CECILIA Custom Junior Show Jacket and LuLa Junior Tailcoat. The brand is expanding the Lab to add a Men’s Show Jacket soon.

To learn more about For Horses' Custom Lab and see your visions come to life, visit or your nearest For Horses retailer.

For Horses Custom Lab: the CRISTINA Custom Show Jacket (above) and CECILIA Custom Show Jacket (below).


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