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Feels Like Summer: Dalman Jump Co. Debuts New Courses Across North America

"Bonzai" debuts at the 2023 Split Rock Jumping Tour in Lexington, KY. Photo by SRJT

As Javan Dalman entered the Stadium arena at the Kentucky Horse Park for the Split Rock Jumping Tour, he could finally put his jumps to his greatest test: himself.

After a winter of early mornings and late nights in his jump shop, Dalman, the owner and founder of Dalman Jump Co., could build in some time to get back in the show ring with his own mount, Dalman Show Jumping's Derina. The course of new and brightly colored fences set before the pair looked very familiar; Dalman had designed them himself.

For the last five years, Dalman Jump Co. has been the Official Jump Builder of the Split Rock Jumping Tour, now with 12 events across the country. The partnership expanded in 2022 to include hunter courses; now, every jump at the tour's five Hunter Jumper and Fall shows comes from Dalman Jump Co. The Grand Prix arena at all 11 events is also filled exclusively with Dalman jumps.

"I love seeing it all come to life," Dalman said. "I draw everything from scratch. We have it all now, from pony jumps to five-star FEI spec show jumps. It's been amazing to see the growth. I truly believe we take things to the next level each year."

Dalman Jump Co. will introduce more than a half-dozen brand new show courses across North America this summer. In addition to the Split Rock Jumping Tour, Dalman Jump Co. has been named the Official Jump Builder at the Aiken Horse Park in Aiken, SC. Nearly 1,000 miles north, Angelstone Tournaments in Rockwood, Ontario (CAN) will introduce six new hunter courses from Dalman Jump Co.

New hunter jumps "Wrought Iron" and "Chimney"

These courses come in addition to a variety of new jump designs headed to Traverse City Horse Shows in Michigan, which will be integrated into a new course established last year.

At the opposite tip of the country in Wellington, FL, Dalman Jump Co. has firmly established itself as the leading sponsor jump supplier at Wellington International. And at the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ Finals in April, Dalman Jump Co. brought to life the design of Slovenia's Juna Keselj Djokovic, who won the #MyDreamJump Challenge put on by the FEI. Dalman is the sole U.S. jump builder for Longines, among the very top supporters of show jumping sport worldwide.

"It's been exciting to expand our reach outside of the country and to see a jump made in our shop on course at the World Cup Finals," Dalman said. "I can't wait to see where we go next. Dalman Jump Co. is on a global trajectory."

Henrik von Eckermann (SWE) and King Edward jump Juna Keselj Djokovic's design, brought to life by Dalman Jump Co., at the 2023 Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ Finals in Omaha, NE (USA). Photo ©FEI/Richard Juilliart

Javan Dalman readies for the #MyDreamJump reveal. Photo ©FEI/ Liz Gregg / Richard Juilliart

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