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Essex Classics Introduces Charlize: The Ultimate Comfort Sweater for Any Season

Essex Classics' brand new Charlize funnel-neck sweaters are available for pre-order now. Photo by Isabel Kurek.

Cathy Sacher has remained true to her mission. The founder and owner of the equestrian apparel brand Essex Classics started her company in 1985, designing performance shirts that met the unique needs of competitive riders. And for three decades, show shirts remained Essex Classics' focus: They evolved with revolutionary features, from the wrap collar to innovative performance fabrics.

Recognizing the riders' need for comfortable and functional all-day wear, Sacher and Essex Classics introduced its line of "Trey" sweaters in 2018. Again designed with the rider in mind, Trey quickly became a wardrobe staple, adding warmth and comfort with a stylish layer that complemented the colors on Essex Classics' trademark trim patterns.

“A lot of riders like the interior trims on their show shirts to coordinate with the color of their show coat. I created Trey so they could do the same with their sweater,” Sacher said. “When I designed our sweater line, I laid out different trim patterns and coordinated the sweaters back to match them.”

Essex Classics' Trey sweaters are available in V-neck (shown) and quarter-zip styles designed with riders in mind. Photo by Isabel Kurek.

Available in V-neck and quarter-zip styles, Trey was designed in a manner that served a rider's fast-paced lifestyle. The neckline, while embodying classic style, was set low enough to be shed while wearing a helmet—a nod to a rider's near-constant removal and addition of layers throughout the day—while also being high enough so as to not catch when bending over to pick out a hoof or adjust tack. The yarns were also innovative, with wicking qualities that offered moisture control as well as stretch, durability and machine washability.

Charlize will be available in nine summer-ready colors. Photo by Jess Moran.

In June, Essex Classics will welcome the newest addition to its line of sweaters: Charlize, a funnel neck pullover, expertly knit of lightweight merino wool and cotton blend. A perfect fit for cool summer days and evenings, Charlize is turned out in Essex fashion, with contrast color seams and kangaroo pocket in nine summer-ready colors. This fresh new refined style is designed to provide ultimate comfort in any season, with no detail overlooked. Charlize was designed with a high neck for warmth, eliminating the need for a scarf that could become dislodged while riding, while a kangaroo pocket provides warmth for one's hands once dismounting.

"Charlize will wear well and retain its warmth and softness," Sacher detailed. "The sweaters are lightweight and incredibly comfy. You can wear them casually or dress them up. They're purposefully designed to be worn year-round, in any season." Charlize will be in stock in mid-June. The sweaters, as well as Trey sweaters in new colors, are available for pre-order now. “Just like with our shirts, we pay close attention to everything involving our sweaters—from the materials we use, to the fine yarn and stitch counts, to the functional and fashionable tailoring details,” Sacher said. “Being immersed in the sport as an amateur show rider for most of my life, I naturally have an intuitive sense for what riders need and want to wear. Essex has always been about tradition and performance—not trends. Our classic look has stood the test of time.”


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