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EnviroEquine & PET Partners with M & R Equestrian Services' Training Days

M&R Equestrian's Training Days is proud to announce EnviroEquine & PET, a leading provider of sustainable animal nutrition supplements, as a new partner for its 2020-2021 season.

Founded by Olympians Alberto Michan (ISR) and Juan Andrés Rodriguez (GUA), Training Days are Wellington, FL's most unique training opportunity, offering riders of all levels an unprecedented opportunity to school over a full course of show quality jumps, set by FEI course designers. Each Tuesday, exhibitors can complete a course of show jumps at varying heights, experiencing a stress-free and affordable show-like atmosphere.

Tuesday, Nov. 24, marked the event's third week of its 2020-2021 season, welcoming some of the sport's top riders, including Olympian Daniel Bluman (ISR), Steven Bluman (ISR) and others, who completed rounds in the 1.20m and 1.30m outdoor ring on a picture-perfect day at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center. The venue's covered arena was also introduced for riders training at the 1.0m and 1.10m heights. The Training Days season continues through April and will expand in the coming weeks to a two-day, three-ring schedule, including an opportunity to school under the lights.

"Enviro Equine is so excited to be partnering with Training Days. This is such a fantastic show being put on by top riders for everyone to attend during the season to get off property and compete at an affordable price and in a stress-free environment," said Kady Abrahamson, international show jumper and marketing representative for EnviroEquine & PET. "We are looking forward to a great season with Training Days."

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About EnviroEquine & PET

EnviroEquine & PET has created an operation that delivers true “farm-to-stable” quality, a commitment that ensures a rare level of control over every stage of production. For EnviroEquine & PET, product integrity starts at the source. Our company is focused on sustainable practices for the animals, planet and people. To that end, we solely work with suppliers committed to sustainability and excellence in quality. Our vertically-integrated approach demonstrates our promise to work with transparency and integrity, imperative values for today’s consumers who want to trust the quality, efficacy and value of a product. We don’t make placebos — we produce products and services that work to create better health and well being for you, your horses and your pets. With decades of combined experience in the equine and animal industries, the team behind EnviroEquine & PET, including on-staff scientific experts, understand that research and science are critical to a high-quality finished product, and boast a breadth of knowledge within the industry. We believe in contributing to the lives of the customers, animals, partners and communities we serve.

Training Days Quotables

"I think the program is great. It's a fantastic move that we needed here in Wellington. The venue is as good as you can hope for—great footing, good jumps, nice course designers—and it's just a great opportunity to bring some of the younger horses and even some of our grand prix horses to get a nice schooling round at an affordable rate. Back in the day, we'd have to take the horses to jump a couple of 1.40m classes at the show, and we'd have to spend $1,000. Now, we can spend $60 to get the same result that we want. It's a great tool, and we're very, very happy to be able to be here." - Daniel Bluman (ISR), two-time OlympianTraining Days continue through April 2021. Additional information, including weekly course maps, can be found here.Weekly Info

Training Days Week III Gallery

About M&R Equestrian Services' Training Days

Founded by Olympic veterans Alberto Michan (ISR) and Juan Andrés Rodriguez (GUA), M&R Equestrian Services' Training Days is Wellington, FL's most unique training opportunity. Held weekly from November through April, the Training Days program offers riders of all levels an unprecedented opportunity to school over a full course of show quality jumps, set by FEI course designers. Join the M&R team every Tuesday, as well as Monday nights during the winter circuit, for a fun and affordable show-like experience at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center.

Sponsorship Packages A variety of individualized sponsorship opportunities are available for the 2020-2021 Training Days season. For more information, contact Liz Porath at

Follow M & R Equestrian For more information about M & R Equestrian's Training Days, including updated weekly schedules and timing, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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