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Dalman Jump Co. Design Dialogue: CSI4*-W Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ Fort Worth

Conor Swail and Count Me In navigated a course of Dalman jumps en route to victory in the CSI4*-W Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ Fort Worth. Photo by Winslow Photography

Dalman Jump Co. fences dominated the track in the featured World Cup qualifier—one of just eight in North America—at the Split Rock Jumping Tour Fort Worth International in Fort Worth, TX. Javan Dalman, the company's owner and founder, designed the fences for the inaugural event, which took place at the Will Rogers Coliseum, just steps from the historic Fort Worth Stockyards in the heart of Texas. Level 3 Course Designer Anderson Lima (BRA) set the course for the 1.60m competition, which was ultimately won by current World No. 13 Conor Swail (IRL), who recorded his third World Cup win of the North American League (NAL) season. But the design process began far before Lima laid out his plan. Take in the course from a new point of view in Dalman's "Design Dialogue":

"The shape of these pillars relates specifically to the Split Rock logo," Dalman explained. "It gives the biggest billboard for the logo. We also put it on three sides, so there is visibility for every camera angle."

The Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ Fort Worth aired globally on FEI TV as well as on CBS Sports in the United States.

"The Riviera gate at the bottom of this fence is one piece, made of Russian Baltic Birch. It's a very clean design," Dalman said. "The gate is reversible: You can set it as an arch, as Anderson Lima did here, or as a swoop. It is designed and set to draw the horse's attention downward, but some horses just jump this fence better!"

Fence 2: Vitalize Vertical

"This is a difficult jump. It really shows off the client's logo by cutting out the standard to its shape, plus the black and orange colors are very striking," Dalman said. "The gate is beautiful. You can see right through it, and the 'V' is in the middle. It really stands out. "It really shows off the client's brand, and there's a lot of curb appeal," he added. "The rails are 10', but it does create an optical illusion in appearing narrower with the shape of the standards."

Fence 6: "Dance" Oxer

"'Dance' is inspired by Henry Mattise, a French artist from the 1950s. He was famous for cutting out shapes from construction paper and hanging them on walls," Dalman detailed. "After I took a trip to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, I sat down and drew it. "The poles can be set in a variety of ways," he added. "They can be set with a sea blue or charcoal color showing, which creates an optical illusion. The course designer can make it jump easier or harder based on the colors showing."

Fences 7A & 7B: Fancy White Pillars Double

"These pillars work well in a small arena and indoors," Dalman said. "They are very ornate and beautiful, but they take a lot of hours to make. We router and sand each leaf and each flower. "They have a little bit of a solid presence, but at the same time you can see through them," he added. "This is a very versatile jump. You can use it in the hunter ring or the jumper ring. "The track is set on the front and the back, so when you set an oxer, you have four choices for track. You can play with the depth of the oxer and how it relates to the front and back of the pillar. When the poles are set on the front track, it is more difficult. This is a complex little pair of wings!"

Fence 9: Dalman Jump Co. Oxer

"This jump really showcases what we can do for a company’s logo," Dalman said. "This jump has so many variations. It can be a triple bar, it can be a skinny, it can have a plank and it can also have the Dalman gate. When you can set a jump that many different ways, course designers love it, and you'll see your jump on course more. "The horses jump the Dalman gate so well," he added. "When horses jump a fence well—and normally those are oxers—they photograph well, which results in a lot of photos on social media, adding more brand awareness online for your company."

Fence 10: Restylane Vertical (Set at 1.60m)

"With this jump, we took a trendy lip shape and turned it into a 4' wide item in a way that was still tasteful," Dalman said. "We took the Restylane logo and put it in the center of the gate as well as on the standards. "Horses tend to jump this gate well. It always takes incredible photos," he added. "It pairs well with the poles, which feature very fine pink stripes."

Fence 12: ESI Vertical with Liverpool

"A cool logo makes a cool jump!" Dalman explained. "ESI had a logo that I could take and cut out and really make into an attractive fence. It's just a fun fence to look at with those wings. "I actually contour cut out the logo to show it off," he continued. "It's a great use of color, and the contrast between the red, white and blue really pops. You can see this jump from outer space, and it's a great example of a sponsor letting me really have autonomy in the design process. "He said, 'Make me a jump!' Dalman recalled. "When I have a chance to blow something up, I do it like that!"

Designer Series

Many of the jumps at the Fort Worth International belong to Dalman Jump Co.'s revolutionary "Designer Series." Designer Series standards are identified by their "L" shaped base, which has become a platform for the most elaborate new designs at Dalman Jump Co. "The Designer Series standards are wildly popular, because they are appropriate for jumpers up to the five-star level while also being lightweight, functional and affordable to use at home. Any shape imaginable can be a part of the fence—hence the name," Dalman said. "For the first time in the industry, we have created jumps that are built to the exact specifications of a horse show jump suitable for international competition that is also appropriate for home."

What's in Your Arena?

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Hear from Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ Fort Worth competitor Schuyler Riley, as she shares how to prepare your horse at home to jump a wall.

About Dalman Jump Co.

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