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ClipMyHorse.TV Acquires Stake in Show Management System

ClipMyHorse.TV is taking the next step toward becoming the equestrian world’s leading technology company. The firm is proud to announce an investment in Show Management System, one of the leading horse show management software companies in the U.S. equestrian sector.

Teaming up with industry expert and Show Management System founder Jon Kassel, ClipMyHorse.TV is increasing its range of features, augmenting its core services, and strengthening its overall value proposition.

“We have the highest of ambitions regarding the addition of equestrian data services to our existing streaming product,” says ClipMyHorse.TV CEO Markus Detering. “Partnering up with Jon will add tremendous knowledge, experience, and a great product to our company.”

The firm has previously invested in European show management and result company Equiscore. Combining the streaming service with the strengths of the two industry leaders for show management software in Europe and the U.S., ClipMyHorse.TV is well-positioned to create the market’s most advanced and integrated product, resulting in the best user experience for all stakeholders.

"I am extremely excited to be partnering with ClipMyHorse.TV, a company I've long admired for the breadth and reach of their equestrian content platform,” Jon Kassel comments. “ClipMyHorse.TV's investment and resources promise huge benefits to the 200 events using ShowManagementSystem's software in the US and Canada, but will also enable us to service new markets. A global service for a global sport.”

ClipMyHorse.TV is continuously expanding its U.S. operations and increasing its international visibility. The company combines live and on-demand broadcasts of more than 2500 equestrian events with a database of information about horses’ pedigrees, results, and ride clips.


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