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Bluman Showcases Rising Star in CSI2* Grand Prix

Mark Bluman (COL) and Ester de Maugre. Photo by Ashley Neuhof.

Mark Bluman (COL) brought forward the youngest horse into the CSI2* Grand Prix to kick off the afternoon at CSI Greenwich. But inexperience did not seem to hinder 8-year-old Ester de Maugre. Bluman and the chestnut mare bested a 13-horse jump-off to claim their second grand prix in just three starts at the level. "She won the first one she ever did, and she won this one," Bluman said. "It's pretty impressive for her age, and I'm excited for her future."

The winning pair crossed the timers of Alan Wade's (IRL) short course in 35.15 seconds. Paul O'Shea (IRL) finished second (35.59 seconds), with Lucy Deslauriers (USA) and Hester third (36.55).

"I probably ended up doing more strides than anybody else, but she's actually quicker off of the ground, and over the jumps she's pretty quick. I just use that to my advantage," Bluman said. "She's pretty careful and I'm pretty fast, and my strategy was just to try to flow with her and let her do her job and try to do mine as good as I could."

Bluman took a two-star win at CSI Greenwich in 2021 with El Conde, who is now competing successfully at the five-star level with Nayel Nassar (EGY). Bluman hopes Ester de Maugre can have a similar trajectory in the sport. "The plan is just to keep developing her, and hopefully she becomes one big Grand Prix horse in the future," he said.

Mark Bluman (COL) and Ester de Maugre. Photo by Ashley Neuhof. Photo by Ashley Neuhof.

Results: CSI2* Grand Prix

Position / Horse / Rider / Nationality / Owner / Score

1. Ester de Maugre / Mark Bluman / COL / Nicolas Normand, Sarah Dhennin / 0/0 35.15

2. Chancelloress / Paul O'Shea / IRL / Trelawny Farm / 0/0 35.59

3. Hester / Lucy Deslauriers / USA / Lisa Deslauriers / 0/0 36.55


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