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Together, We Can Find a Cure — Announcing: Shuck Parkinson's Show Shirts by Essex Classics

Three business-owning women, one meaningful cause: Catie Staszak of Catie Staszak Media, Inc., Alexandra Cherubini of EquiFit, and Cathy Sacher of Essex Classics have teamed up to create Essex Classics' newest trim pattern: Shuck Parkinsons.

Available in short- and long-sleeve show shirts and protective face masks, the Shuck Parkinson's collection from Essex Classics will benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, with a portion of proceeds from each sale going directly to the charity.

Shuck Parkinson's face masks are available for purchase now, while show shirts are available for pre-order, with a March 1 launch—just in time for Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month, which begins April 1.

My father is the strongest, most inspiring man I know—and that was true even before he began his battle with Parkinson's Disease nearly a decade ago; he was diagnosed before his 50th birthday.

Parkinson's is a debilitating disease and has no cure. When my dad underwent Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) as treatment in 2018, it was the first time I had ever even remotely questioned my career path. On that day, I was certain that I should have been a doctor.

I shouldn't have been. But in the unprecedented year that was 2020, I was offered newfound time to think and reflect on how I could use the talents I do have to make a difference. For inspiration, I sought out Alex Cherubini, Founder and CEO of EquiFit, who has contributed immensely to the Michael J. Fox Foundation through her Shuck Parkinson's fundraisers and by serving on the board of the organization.

A third party joined the mix in Cathy Sacher, who gives back selflessly to multiple charities through sales of her iconic Essex Classics show shirts, sweaters, ties and more. Together, we got designs in motion for Shuck Parkinson's apparel.

I have been fortunate to have gotten to know a tight-knit community within the industry of individuals that have been affected by Parkinson's within their families. I could not be more excited for these shirts to make their debuts at horse shows across the country, and you can bet I'll be wearing one every time I walk in the ring—on horseback or to give an interview. This is just a small beginning of what I hope I can do to contribute to this cause.

I want to thank Alex and Cathy for their incredible kindness and generosity in making this possible. There are a lot of deserving causes out there, but I hope you will consider contributing to this one and sporting your own Shuck Parkinson's Essex Classics show shirt the next time you saddle up.

All the Best,



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