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AmberWay Equine Brings "Everything For the Barn, Including the Barn" to Training Days

Every Tuesday at M&R Equestrian Services' Training Days, exhibitors reaffirm the notion that success in the show ring stems from preparation at home.

As a destination for a wide variety of barn and arena products, from stall mats and fans to HDPE fencing and arena footing, AmberWay Equine has aligned well with Training Days, and the company is among the program's new sponsors for 2021. AmberWay Equine works with private facilities to design, supply and install products that enhance operational efficiency and equine well being, both of which translate to improved performance in the ring.

"We’ve really enjoyed teaming up with MR Equestrian Services in sponsoring Training Days," said Brian Lynch, owner and founder of AmberWay Equine. "As a family that rides and competes, we love being a part of this unique program and seeing firsthand the opportunities it gives to riders of all ages and skill levels to gain more mileage. It’s been amazing seeing the turnout and all the upcoming talent."

Each week, courses at Training Days are available at heights from 1.0m to 1.40m, with no advanced registration required. Training Days' 16th week of events gave riders the opportunity to school their horses over a variety of tests, from jumping under the lights to navigating a triple combination and the open water. Training Days continue through April 2021. Additional information, including weekly course maps, can be found here.

About AmberWay Equine

AmberWay Equine is your destination for equine products for the private facility, show barns and racing operations. With a wide selection of barn and arena products to choose from, AmberWay Equine offers and installs the best products for your barn - StableComfort, Rubber Pavers and other flooring options, Stall Grid, Amberline HDPE Fencing, EquiLumination Equine Lighting, Lucas Equine Horse Stalls & Gates, Arena Footing, Cool Barns Fans, Horse Walkers, Treadmills, Therapeutic Solutions, Fly Spray Systems and other quality equine equipment. We work with our customers from conception to installation and are always available. Our professional crews can take care of all of your installation needs across the country. Learn more today at

Training Days Gallery — Week 16

Riders at Training Days 16 had the option to school a variety of tests in FEI Level 3 Course Designer Rodolfo Godoy's courses. Photos by Catie Staszak Media, Inc.

A star-studded (and socially distanced) cast arrived at Training Days for Monday night schooling under the lights. From left: Devin Ryan, Dani G. Waldman, Alan Waldman and Mark Bluman.

James Chawke schools the open water.

About M&R Equestrian Services' Training Days

Founded by Olympic veterans Alberto Michan (ISR) and Juan Andrés Rodriguez (GUA), M&R Equestrian Services' Training Days is Wellington, FL's most unique training opportunity. Held weekly from November through April, the Training Days program offers riders of all levels an unprecedented opportunity to school over a full course of show quality jumps, set by FEI course designers. Join the M&R team every Tuesday, as well as Monday nights during the winter circuit, for a fun and affordable show-like experience at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center.

Sponsorship Packages A variety of individualized sponsorship opportunities are available for the 2020-2021 Training Days season. For more information, contact Liz Porath at

Follow M & R Equestrian For more information about M & R Equestrian's Training Days, including updated weekly schedules and timing, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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