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O'Neill Show Jumping Partners with Charleigh's Cookies

O'Neill Show Jumping's Clockwise of Greenhill Z and Charleigh's Cookies' "Hugs & Kisses." Photo by Catie Staszak Media, Inc.

Ask international show jumper Uma O’Neill the item that’s remained most constant in her ring bag, and the answer is simple: “Hugs & Kisses.”

The bitesize treat from Charleigh’s Cookies is the ringside reward of choice for O’Neill’s O’Neill Show Jumping operation, based out of Santa Cruz, CA.

O’Neill Show Jumping has fed Charleigh’s Cookies for a decade, and in 2022, the two brands are formally partnering. O’Neill Show Jumping is pleased to welcome Charleigh’s Cookies to its group of esteemed sponsors—a group that includes the clothing brand Dada Sport, Meyer Selles, Equine Mega Basic, the stable management program Equicty, and Spur Tech.

“Charleigh’s Cookies are an integral part of our day-to-day operations at home and on the road,” O’Neill said, “and as a family-run operation, we have always loved that Charleigh’s Cookies is a mother-daughter-owned company.”

Founded in 2012, Charleigh’s Cookies grew out of CEO Cordelia Wolf’s kitchen, as she and her then-2-year-old daughter Charleigh began baking wholesome, homespun horse treats for their horses. Wolf sought to share the power and joy of the horse-human connection with her daughter, while providing her horses with nutritious, organic food. The operation has certainly scaled since then, but Charleigh’s Cookies remain a healthful snack for horses. Its ingredients are organic and free of sugar, preservatives, and non-nutritious additives.

“We love that Charleigh’s Cookies are USDA Organic,” O’Neill said. “After feeding these treats for 10 years, we are very excited to work more closely with Cordelia and the company. I am certain that our horses are, too!”

To learn more about Charleigh’s Cookies and shop their many flavors, visit

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Uma O'Neill and Clockwise of Greenhill Z. Photo by Catie Staszak Media, Inc.

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