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Fernandez Is First Again in CSIOJ* BB Equestrian Junior Grand Prix

Photo by tbird/Quinn Saunders

A day after topping the podium in the CSIOJ* Junior Nations Cup at tbird, Federica Fernandez (MEX) finished on top again in the CSIOJ* BB Equestrian Junior Grand Prix, the final event of the Odlum Brown BC Open's international division for junior riders.

Fernandez, 16, and Seltique bested a compact jump-off field that saw just three riders execute a clear first round over course designer Peter Holmes' (CAN) 1.40m track. Riding immediately before her, Eric Krawitt (CAN) produced the first double-clear effort and set a stiff standard, crossing the jump-off timers in 43.78 seconds. Fernandez's plan to best Krawitt involved utilizing her horse's big step to do one less stride to the final fence, but ultimately, she'd have to call an audible.

"My jump-off was pretty exciting. After seeing [Krawitt], I knew I had to make a good time," Fernandez said. "I was going to take a stride out to the last jump, but I couldn't, so I pulled and had an extra stride. [My horse] is just very quick."

Fernandez finished in 43.48 seconds to take the win, just three-tenths of a second ahead of Krawitt. Fernandez's teammate Ana Sofia Legorreta Hernandez (MEX) finished third after retiring in the jump-off.

"[Seltique] has a huge stride, which is always beneficial, and he also turns very quickly," Fernandez said.

Fernandez has been paired with 16-year-old Seltique for two years, and according to JUMPR App, the pair jump clear 43% of the time at the 1.40m height. The Selle Francais gelding is owned by her father Federico Fernandez—a three-time Olympic veteran for Mexico. While Federica was jumping in Langley, Federico was competing across the Atlantic in Madrid (ESP).

"He started me in the sport when I was small," Federica said. "It's been fun. I really enjoy jumping together."

Photo by tbird/Quinn Saunders

$3,500 CSIOJ BB Equestrian Jr Grand Prix

Place / Horse / Rider / Nationality / Owner / Faults / Time

1. Seltique / Federica Fernandez / MEX / Federico Fernandez / 0/0 43.48

2. Chicago CM / Eric Krawitt / CAN / Eric Krawitt / 0/0 43.78

3. Yoga Santa Rosa / Ana Sofia Legorreta Hernandez / MES+X / Patricio Pasquel / 0/RET

4. Matahari Hl / Leila Diab / USA / Leila Diab / 4 78.02

5. George Z.G. / Andrew Lopez / USA / Andrew Lopez / 4 78.54

6. Dammam O.L. / Ava Wong / CAN / Highland Farms / 5 80.11

7. Con Rouet / Xaviera Maurer Buch / MEX / Salvador Oñate Barron / 6 81.64

8. Uruaapan la Nutria / Rodrigo Castañeda de la Rosa / MEX / Jose de Jesus Castañeda Bañuelos / 21 80.52


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