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A Few of Our Favorite Things: O'Neill Show Jumping's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Uma O'Neill & Clockwise of Greenhill Z. Photo by Sara Shier Photography

From Tokyo to Thermal, it's truly been a milestone year for O'Neill Show Jumping, as international show jumper Uma O'Neill and Clockwise of Greenhill Z made their championship debut for New Zealand at the Olympic Games; 7-year-old London's de Muze jumped his first 1.40m; Edelweiss won her first grand prix; and Quintago VA capped his season with a four-star win in Las Vegas; among other highlights.

As the year comes to a close, there is much to celebrate in Santa Cruz, and the holidays at O'Neill Show Jumping will be filled with both grateful reflection and thoughtful planning for the year ahead.

The horses, undoubtedly will be rewarded—most notably, with well deserved rest until the start of the 2022 Desert Circuit. But they might also get a few extra gifts in their stockings. We've compiled their wish lists, worthy of sharing:

Quintago VA. Photos by Sara Shier Photography

Polias Ear Bonnet & Edmond Saddle Pad

Dada Sport

At the show, Uma outfits her horses with Dada Sport's Polias ear bonnet and Edmond saddle pad. It's a unanimous vote in the barn: Quintago VA, affectionately known as "Taco," is Polias' best model!

Bonus: Helios ML Competition Polo Shirt & Sultane Equestrian Visor

Want Uma's complete look? Her Dada Sport favorites include the Helios ML Competition Polo Shirt and with the Sultane equestrian visor. Both offer optimum protection from UV rays and are UPV 50+. Helios ML is even made with an eco-responsible technical fabric.

Shop Dada Sport

Uma O'Neill and Clockwise of Greenhill Z jog at CSI4* Upperville. Photo by Alden Corrigan Media.

Equine Mega Basic

O3 Animal Health

Equine Mega Basic from O3 Animal Health keeps the horses of O'Neill Show Jumping looking and feeling their best. Equine Mega Basic’s combination of omega-3’s, 6’s and 9’s are beneficial to any horse’s diet, supporting athletic performance, body and coat condition. There's an undeniable shine effect!

Shop Equine Mega Basic

London's de Muze. Photo by Sara Shier Photography

Summit Equine MAX

Summit Joint Performance

"The higher the peaks, the greater the physical demands." Summit Joint Performance is the most effective and safest Chondroitin product available on the market today, making it an easy choice for O'Neill Show Jumping's equine athletes to maintain strong joints for success at the top levels of the sport.

Shop Summit

Clockwise of Greenhill Z. Photo by Sara Shier Photography

Equstable Stable Management Plan


How does O'Neill Show Jumping stay organized with horses at home and at the show? Equicty's Equstable makes management a seamless process with its all-in-one online management applications. Equstable allows O'Neill Show Jumping to manage their horses, teams, competition scheduling, billing and more—from anywhere! The Smart Stable Board is a beautiful complement to the software for anyone on who particularly made the grade on your "nice list!"

Shop Equicty

Messi 10. Photo by Sara Shier Photography

Meyer Jumping Saddle

Meyer Selles

O'Neill Show Jumping loves Meyer's jumping saddles for the incredible comfort and freedom of movement they provide for their horses. The saddles' panels remove the pressure on the horse’s shoulders, while carbon plates on the flaps create better contact and support for the rider. The adaptability is simply unmatched.

Shop Meyer

Spur-Tech Performance Spur Straps

American Equus

O'Neill Show Jumping loves Spur-Tech for its safe and easy-to-use spur straps. Uma trims the straps to create her perfect fit, while the brand's patented velcro technology keep the straps secure on her boots. They are the perfect stocking stuffer!

Shop Spur-Tech

Thank you to O'Neill Show Jumping's incredible group of supportive partners for a milestone year!

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